Tyvek Contemporary Sail Material


Tyvek is a water-resistant plastic paper. This is the contemporary version of our classic “Magic” Paper which is no longer in production. This product remains strong and light with a cloth-like feel. It has a tighter weave than the classic “Magic” paper with a less prominent woven pattern. Popular for kite construction and repair, Tyvek can be sewn, glued with contact or rubber cement, taped with filament, Seamstick or ripstop tape, and decorated with waterproof markers, acrylic paints, and various printing techniques.

Sold by the Yard. The paper is cut from 60 inch wide rolls. The product is the same regardless of what shipping method you choose, but will impact your shipping expense. See the notes below for a description of each:
A) Ship Folded: The most affordable shipping option, your Tyvek will ship in a flat envelope or small box.
B) Ship rolled with 1 crease: This will take a 60 inch roll, folded once to fit inside a 48″ long and narrow box.
C) Ship rolled with 0 creases: This will fit the entire 60 inch roll inside a 61 inch box with no folds.

Don’t see the dimension you need, confused about shipping? Contact us and we can make a special order




Kite Paper: Tyvek type 1443R. Soft Tyvek ideal for kitemaking and repair. Many buyers use this material for large workshops because of its ease of use. Even for children Tyvek is easy to cut, tape, glue, and decorate.

Sold by the yard,  each length is cut from 60 inch (5 foot) wide rolls. 1 yard of material will measure 60”x36”, two yards 60”x72”, three yards 60″x108″, etc.
40 grams/sq. meter

Tyvek is formed by a fully integrated process using continuous and very fine fibers of 100 percent high-density polyethylene that are randomly distributed and nondirectional. These fibers are first flash spun, then laid as a web on a moving bed before being bonded together by heat and pressure – without the use of binders, sizers or fillers.


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