Kites, Sculpting the Sky (Used)


This seminal text has been a gateway for generations of kite makers. In this informative, inspiring and comprehensive book, Tsutomu Hiroi, kite maker and artist, describes his approach to conceiving, making, and flying kites. As an art object, Hiroi used the kite to enhance the viewer’s awareness of light and color, and focus attention on physical aspects of one’s environment. A well known sculptor and professor, Hiroi is the author of six previously published books on kite flying and kite design. He designed the Tokyo Kite Museum at Nihonbashi Taimeiken, which opened in 1977. This is a critical text for any complete collection on kites and how (and why) they are built.

No longer in print, these copies have been found used, and are for sale here as critical reading for any budding kite maker or enthusiast.

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Softcover, 144 pages, 1978

As a used copy, each product is unique but in good condition. Some hail from libraries, and have the typical Dewey Decimal sticker on the spine, with return cards and library writing on the inside cover or pages.


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