We strive to pack and ship your order as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are a small operation, and given today’s powerhouses like Amazon and Alibaba, our shipping fees may seem expensive in comparison. We strive to keep these costs minimal, however we do not build in margin to our products to cover the real costs of shipping. Please contact us if you feel shipping for your order is mistaken or unreasonable, we are happy to troubleshoot and present creative solutions.

We strive to pack and ship items the same day they are ordered, though occasionally other shop demands prevent this level of efficiency. Most orders shipped Fedex Ground will arrive within 5 days, and USPS Priority within 3 days.

Yes, if you live in San Antonio, please enter your zip code at checkout and choose the option for “local pickup”. We will contact you by phone or email when your package is ready.

Yes and No. We operate our store from our art studio, and welcome visitors who make an appointment. We are building a retail location with space for workshops, camps, and art studios on the near east side of San Antonio. It is slated to open sometime in 2020.

Yes, our winders have 250′ of cotton line and tails are always included.

Our kites and products range in complexity. We have kits appropriate for children as young as 4 or 5, up to more complex kites with the highest quality traditional materials made by master kite makers in Asia.

Our kites are printed on ledger (11×17) sized recycled paper. Some of the larger models are made from two 11×17 sheets, and are thus 22 inches wide x 17 inches tall.

Washi paper kites vary greatly in size. Rokkakus, Sodes, Buka/Surugas are between 20 and 30 inches in height and width. Smaller Washi kites are similar to our 11 x 17 sizes.

YES, education is one of our core values, and we are happy to provide schools and teachers with discounts. Please contact us directly to discuss the scale of your order.

In addition, we can (and often do) provide comprehensive lesson plans and rubrics for educators using our kites in the classroom. Thus far, we have adapted kite making projects for use in math, science, language arts, poetry, art, and social studies curriculum, for students in pre-school through college.

No, we come from a fine arts background, and abhor the thought of paper and Tyvek arriving with dings or scuffs. We ship both on a roll to keep them safe and as intact as possible.

Yes, we also staff and orchestrate kite-making workshops at festivals. We can service thousands of people a day with the right crew. Let us know what you need, we’ll make it happen.

Yes, we can often find special tools and materials that no one else has. Let us know what you need, and we’ll find it – or make it – for you.

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