Kite Building Paper


Our kite building paper is our most versatile and forgiving sail material. It is a strong and light white paper which is beautifully transparent when lit from behind. It is suitable for many kite making applications, and stands up to water based inks and paints. Look no further for a quick and forgiving material to test designs and patterns. This paper can be glued with any brand of white glue, contact or rubber cement, but can also be taped with packing or scotch tape. Embellishments can be made with an inkjet (and some laserjet) printer, markers, colored pencil, acrylic paints, ink washes, and various printing techniques.

Sold by the Yard. The paper is cut from 24, 36, or 48 inch wide rolls.

Don’t see the dimension you need? Contact us and we can make a special order!



Kite Paper: Non-archival cotton composite, ideal for kitemaking and repair. Many buyers use this material for large workshops because of its ease of use. For both children and adults, this paper is easy to cut, tape, glue, and decorate.

Sold by the Yard. The paper is cut from 36 inch wide rolls. 1 yard of material will measure 36”x36”, two yards 36”x72”, etc.


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