Natural Cut Moso Bamboo, 64 inch lengths


Sold in bundles of 10, these bamboo spars are handmade in China to the finest specifications. The bamboo’s skin is intact on one side, and the spars are dense, flexible, and are a dream to work with for kite makers and other craftsman.

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We have a variety of sizes to design, build, and repair your kite. Bamboo has been used to make kites for thousands of years. The splitting of bamboo into kite spars is a master’s craft, requiring years of experience. This natural cut bamboo is made overseas by artisans steeped in the history of kite making.

This particular stock is made from the Phyllostachys edulis species, called “Moso” bamboo in Japan, and Mao zhu in China. It is one of the most dense bamboos on earth. The species regenerates rapidly, growing up to 1 meter every day. As such it is a favorite plant for the earth-conscious builder.

Precise lengths are slightly longer than 64 inches (5.3 feet), usually 64.25 inches.


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