Natural Cut Bamboo, 40.5-42 inch lengths


Sold in bundles of 10, these bamboo spars are handmade in Japan to the finest specifications. The bamboo’s skin is intact on one side, and the spars are straight, flex easily, and are a dream to work with for kite makers and other craftsman.

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We have a variety of sizes to design, build, and repair your kite. Bamboo has been used to make kites for thousands of years. The splitting of bamboo into kite spars is a master’s craft, requiring years of experience.

This natural cut bamboo is made by Mikio Toki, longtime friend of the Drachen foundation. Toki has become a recognized master of the Edo kite of Japan. Studying with Katsushita Ota, Toki has refined his personal style to become a true professional Edo kite maker. He continues the tradition of selling kites as New Year’s gifts and also makes larger, more extravagant kites for expositions and festivals worldwide. He is a popular workshop leader and exemplary kite ambassador. Read more about Mikio San carrying on the Edo kite tradition on the Drachen Foundation’s website (page 26).

All bamboo lengths are 42″ (3.5 feet) with the exception of 4mm stock, which is 40.5 inches.


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