Kono Rokkaku


Designed by kite artist Greg Kono, this simple-to-construct kite flies well in light to medium winds. This traditional Japanese rokkaku kite gives students good practice in cutting and good surface area to decorate!

Kit contains sails, tails, bamboo spars, string on a winder. You supply scissors and tape. Assembled kits are shown with printed patterns for display purposes, kites will ship with white paper sails.



Recommended Age: Age 9 and up.

Decoration: The simplest method would be to use marker pens, but substituting the bond paper for more interesting light weight paper with color or patterns would work. Note: do not increase the weight of the paper, matching the weight of the bond paper supplied is critical in the flight of this kite.

Ideal wind conditions for this kite: Light ( a flag on a pole is gently moving, not fluttering) to Medium (a flag on a pole is steadily moving, fluttering in the wind).


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