The Kong Family of Beijing


A beautiful collector’s item, this beautifully bound book details the many kites of Beijing’s Kong Family. As one of China’s leading kitemakers as well as being a direct descendant of the philosopher Confucius (551-479 B.C.), Kong Xiang Ze was a marked man during the Cultural Revolution which swept his country in l966-76. Mao had instructed the young Red Guards to destroy the “old”—–traditions, objects, human exemplars of Chinese culture. Kong thus became the perfect target. “I was beaten up seven times by Red Guards,” the 84-year-old says. “My property was trashed.”

Filled with beautiful imagery and written in Chinese characters, this book makes a wonderful gift. It is essential in the libraries of those interested in Chinese cultural heritage.

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This handbound softcover book is written entirely in Chinese characters. More can be learned about the Kong Family (in english) at The Drachen Foundation.


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