Fluxx Trainer Kite Series


This is an affordable and universal introduction to kitesurfing, kite boarding, land kiting or stunt kiting! The Fluxx is the right choice for beginners, it comes pre-leashed, is easy to handle, and has good balanced flight characteristics. Don’t worry about ground contact, the sturdy para-foil shape means that it can be restarted with only two lines. Use the Fluxx as a trainer kite to start your journey to the world of kiting.



Fluxx 1.3:
Color: Red
Control Bar: Blendline 45kp, 2 x 20m included fully leashed
Width: 130cm / 51″
Height: 55cm / 21″
Material: Ripstop Nylon, Polyester & Fiberglass
Ideal Windspeed: 5-26 knots / 5.7-29.9mph
Weight: .15kg
45cm control bar included

Fluxx 1.8:
Color: Green
Control Bar: Dyneema 45kp, 2 x 25m included fully leashed
Width: 180cm / 71″
Height: 60cm / 24″
Material: Ripstop Nylon, Polyester & Fiberglass
Ideal Windspeed: 4-26 knots / 4.6-29.9mph
45cm control bar included

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