Samuel Franklin Cody Pictorial


The first man to fly a controlled, powered, heavier-than-air craft in Great Britain, Cody was a flamboyant and successful showman who used his wealth and fame to become Great Britain’s most famous aeronaut. His patent, in 1901, of a man-lifting kite system led to military contracts and put him at the birthplace of British aviation, Farnborough. Here he made and flew dirigibles (the Nulli Secundis 1), gliders (the glider-kite could go up as a kite and then change to a glider in mid air), man-lifting kites, a motor-kite, and finally British Army Aeroplane #1.

Kite fliers and makers have been enamored with the graceful design of Cody’s War Kite, but recent study of many other Cody kite designs sold by Sotheby’s in 1996, have raised new questions about their intended purposes and flight characteristics.


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There is no better way to view the life of entertainer and aviationist Samuel Franklin Cody, than this high quality timeline of photos of his life as edited by the foremost authority of Cody, Jean Roberts of England. These original photos have been digitized and reprinted in a wonderful album. Living in one of the Cody family homes has led Jean to become the world’s authority on the life of Samuel Franklin Cody.

Softcover, comb binding, black and white, 56 pages, 2007


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