Flight Patterns


Flight Patterns is a collection of eight kite designs used in the kitemaking series produced by WVPT-TV, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Kites in the series include the Sled, Eddy, Delta, Rotor, Swallowtail Delta Variant, Compound Box, Rhomboid Box and Fighter Kite. The series begins with simple kites that are easy to make and steady flyers. Then, as your kite skills increase, we will progress to more complex kites that may be more of a challenge to fly. All of the kites presented here have been field-tested by the author and co-host for their ease of construction and flight worthiness.

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Softcover, 34 pages, 1984

By Leland Toy

You must go out and fly your creations. Some will leap from your hands to soar up to the heavens, others may flop around at your feet and lie there like a beached whale. Once you have completed a kite, go out and test it. If it flies well, put a feather in your cap. if it dosen’t, see if you can determine why. Is it bridled correctly? Is it balanced? Were the wind conditions correct to suit the kite? Were the materials used too heavy or too light? Only with experience will you gain insight to the answers. With every successful flight you will increase your confidence, and with each mistake you will know what not to do next time. The wide world of kites lies at your feet waiting to be explored. Flight Patterns is just one of the keys to unlock the door.


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